May. 25th, 2017

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Air temperature 51 F, mostly cloudy, calm for the newspaper walk. Supposed to rain later, tonight through tomorrow. Bike ride early?

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Earliest rhododendrons blooming, following on the rhodora. Lilacs strong enough to perfume the roads. Hobblebush blooming, and I maybe saw a painted trillium at the edge of bicycle botany range. Apples and cherries are dropping petals. The poplars and their cousins are shedding fuzz and catkins.

No roadkill, although I rode over numerous blood patches. Cleanup crew is fast around here. Did have a couple of tree swallows shoot across in front of me, so at least some bugs are going to a good cause.

Major item of import, saw a bunch of "dig safe" graffiti around a condemned house in the next block. Don't know yet whether they plan to fix the collapsing foundation or are just going to tear it down.

Still overcast but not raining, so I got out on the bike. Did not die.

15.27 miles, 1:15:30


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