Apr. 23rd, 2017

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Air temperature 37 F, calm, mostly cloudy. Supposed to clear off and get up into the 50s F later, which should allow some yardwork and raises hopes of a bike ride.

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But it is an insufficient number of degrees F to entice me out for a bike ride.

Asparagus bed cleared, with a couple of stalk noses showing.

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First shadbush blooming, another patch of coltsfoot, some forsythia in town. Red maples blooming in the bog, and skunk cabbage flower hoods showing.

Temperature got up into the middle 50s F, sunny, not a lot of wind. Got out on the bike. One squashed gray squirrel, doesn't qualify for a roadkill report.

15.28 miles, 1:18:52
With that precision, you may deduce my switch to the road bike, with the bike computer.


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