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2017-06-15 07:54 am

Too many topics to avoid

Air temperature 52 F, calm, mostly cloudy for the newspaper walk. Wore a light jacket. Said jacket once belonged to my father, who died about 40 years ago. Use things until they wear out . . .

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2017-06-15 03:45 pm

Thursday roadkill report

Bad couple of days for porcupines out there. At least three new corpses on my local loop. Also a couple of gray squirrels and a red squirrel.

Bladder campion blooming, first day lilies, cinquefoil, and probable birdsfoot trefoil. The black locusts haven't killed me yet.

Things to do this morning, so got out for my bike ride after lunch. Did not die.

15.28 miles, 1:15:37