Apr. 11th, 2017

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South Neighbor's motorcycle returns to rumble through our days.

Air temperature 37 F early, 47 now, calm and scattered clouds. I anticipate a bike ride this morning, before car stuff this afternoon.

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We've decided to let the sunflower seed ball run dry for a week or so, due to a plague of squirrels. So just now a 'dee worked over the dregs at the bottom for about half a minute before prying out a seed to take up into the rowan tree and whack open. Every so often it would stop and look over at me in the kitchen window . . .

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Redwinged blackbird claiming a patch of cattails on my bike route this morning, first of the year. Also, song sparrows and robins declaiming territory. No roadkill to report.

Got out on the bike again, temperature 60 F and light wind, working into the season with deference to my aged state.

10 miles, 55 minutes (approx.)

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Air temperature 77 F this afternoon, first time that warm since early October of last year . . .


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