Apr. 4th, 2017

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Gray morning with sunrise on the edge, air temperature 30 F and calm for the newspaper walk.  Supposed to get mixed precip later, starting as snow.  Percentage of rain yet to be determined by whether we are inland, coastal, or mountains today.  Our city moves around a lot.

Deciding whether I will be one of The Ones Who Walk Away From Live Journal.  I rarely post Political Stuff, other than a general "Power tends to corrupt" atmosphere . . .

Do have a Dreamwidth account, generally dormant, under the same username.
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I do suspect that one intent behind the Live Journal change is to drive away political discussion.  Therefore, leaving and deleting accounts follows The Plan.
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Light snow flying around on gusty wind.
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If any people who are leaving Live Journal are on Dreamwidth and still want to remain tenuous contact, let me know how to find you.  That's a big "if" . . .


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