Jun. 18th, 2017

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Air temperature 59 F, wind south about 5 mph, overcast and scattered fog. Rain forecast tomorrow.

Working up energy for a bike ride.

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Wild madder blooming in the roadside weeds, whole hells of purple vetch, daisy fleabane, maybe the first tansy. More patches of blue flag iris blooming. Rain has knocked down a lot of locust flowers and some of the rhododendrons.

No roadkill, unless the flicker hunched down by the roadside was stunned or injured. More likely prospecting for ants.

Slathered on SPF 50 in spite of the continued overcast, biked upriver to my overlook water break, then across the river and down the other side. Would have chosen a different route if I had known the highway people had ground the last four miles of surface for a repaving job . . . .

26.80 miles, 2:16:06


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