Jun. 4th, 2017

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Air temperature 52 F, mostly cloudy, wind west about 5 mph. Debating the length of today's bike ride, what with my energy levels and the number of things that need doing.

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Dismembered dog or coyote on the road about a mile into my ride -- hard to tell them apart after repeated impacts and some age.

Phlox blooming in a patch I see every spring. Also probable yarrow. Honeysuckle has gone berserk.

Got out on the bike, upstream to my normal break at a dam and overlook, and did not like the look over -- clouds definitely leaking out there. Headed back down our side of the river rather than crossing and adding another four miles to the route.

24.03 miles, 2:03:02

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Waxing moon, evening walk.


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