Jun. 2nd, 2017

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Air temperature 50 F and clear for the morning walk, wind west about 5 mph, garbage waiting by the roadside even though collection will be delayed a day from the long weekend.

Bike ride maybe.

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More buttercups, florets on the lupine spikes starting to open, bunch-berry blooming, and I am going to claim moccasin-flowers, both pink and white. Those are really at the edge of bicycle botany, though.

No fresh roadkill. Tuesday's porcupine corpse lingers, with the scavengers unwilling to work through quills to a meal.

Got out on the bike in advance of forecast afternoon showers. Windy. Did not die.

15.29 miles, 1:19:45

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Buttercups beheaded. Also dandelions, ground ivy, the first buds of the yellow hawkweed, and whatever grass can fight for a place in our Darwinian lawn.

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Moon playing its ghostly galleon game in the clouds again.


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