May. 21st, 2017

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Air temperature 37 F, with frost in some areas of the state*. This after 90 F and more on Thursday. Wind calm, scattered clouds. May get out on the bike after the world thaws out.

*Our frost-free date for tender plants, such as tomatoes, is the end of May. Life in the Great North Woods.

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One dead woodchuck, about 3.5 miles into my ride. Silly critter was hanging out in an industrial park.

Lilacs blooming, wild strawberries, working apple trees and some ferals, and flowering quince to bait in hummingbirds.

Air temperature got up over 60 F, winds 10 mph gusting over 20, so I just took a local route. Didn't feel like coating myself in slimy cold sunscreen for extended riding. Call me a wimp and get over it.

16.5 miles, 1:30:20


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