May. 12th, 2017

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Air temperature 46 F, overcast, wind NNW 10 mph.  We may actually see the sun today.  Or maybe the terrorists have blown it up.

Possibility of a bike ride.  Or mowing the lawn.  Or even *gasp* both.
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Life on the internet:
Remember the mouse-over . . .

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People looking for fights again.
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First wild blueberry blossoms, black cherry joining the shadbush on the white-bloom list, skunk cabbage leaves up. I think I saw the first Canada mayflower. It is, after all, May.

No roadkill to report. Saw at least three ducks at the cemetery pond, assume a fourth.

Temperature got up to about 60 F, sunshine to offset the wind, got out on the bike. May ride again tomorrow, as they are offering rain for Sunday.

15.25 miles, 1:17:44


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