Jun. 28th, 2017 07:50 am
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Air temperature 56 F, wind south about 5 mph, scattered clouds and patchy fog from rain overnight. Fetched newspaper without terrorist attack.

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Again, a waste of time and it annoys the pig.
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Wind pollination wastes precious resources. My eyes itch.
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More cornflowers sighted, first goatsbeard, mock orange smelling up the place. Rhododendrons done, seed heads on the curled dock turning brown. More roses.

No identifiable roadkill, just blood patches on the asphalt. Cleanup crew is fast.

Got out on the bike, not much wind, temperature about 70 F. Did not die.

15.27 miles, 1:13:16

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Air temperature 58 F, calm, mostly cloudy for the newspaper walk. Bike ride sooner rather than later -- possible showers or thundershowers this afternoon.

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Air temperature 58 F, mostly cloudy, wind SSW about 5 mph for the newspaper walk.

A lot of things cost more than they're worth.

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On the lookout for ragged robin, finding none in the usual locations. Maybe too early, maybe too late, maybe too mowed. Did see a patch of blue cornflower blooming, plus a lot of birdsfoot trefoil, orange and yellow hawkweed, and the first hop-clover.

No roadkill seen, despite extended survey.

Got out on the bike, temperature in the 70s F with a nuisance breeze. Did not die.

30.45 miles, 2:43:43

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Jun. 25th, 2017 07:20 am
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Air temperature 60 F, dew point 55, calm, scattered clouds. Bike ride scheduled.

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I see no gain in responding to someone who doesn't know the difference between "principle" and "principal" . . .

Light rain

Jun. 24th, 2017 08:13 am
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Air temperature 66 F, overcast, wind south about 10 mph at newspaper walk time. Rain started later. So much for mowing the lawn.

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Air temperature 58 F, mostly cloudy, wind south about 5 mph. Supposed to rain here and there, now and then.

Engaging Minimal Interaction Drive.

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Rhododendrons dropping flowers, those full fairy-skirt blossoms that want to be strung into a lei or other garland. Lupines building seed pods at the bottom of their spikes. My itchy eyes say that the grass is also blooming . . .

Yesterday's yearling raccoon remains. I'd expected it to vanish -- perfect take-out dinner for a coyote or fox.

Breezy, pleasant temperature, got out on the bike. Did not die.

15.25 miles, 1:15:33

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Air temperature 56 F, clear, wind WSW at about 5 mph for the newspaper walk. Tomorrow's forecast leads me to think I should get a bike ride in today.

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One yearling raccoon up near the golf course, several gray squirrels here and there. I've seen dead raccoons about the same size in that area, several years. Think there's a raccoon mama that doesn't raise her young-uns right.

Peonies blooming, water parsnip, more orange hawkweed and wild roses. Black locusts dropping their flowers in snowdrifts.

Got out on the bike, did not die. More wind than I'd prefer.

15.25 miles, 1:15:16

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Air temperature 60 F, mostly cloudy, wind south about 10 mph for the newspaper walk. Will attempt bike ride after a bit of drying off.

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First storm passed with torrential downpour, second added fireworks.  Mourning doves cooing now.
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